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Amazon Kindle Touch in Singapore

1) Updates
  • 7 September 2012: The new Kindle Paperwhite is announced. Pre-order now! This post will no longer be updated. please go to the new Paperwhite blog entry.
  • 25 April 2012: Send to Kindle is released! This nifty utility allows you to quickly send your documents to your Kindle devices and iPad.
  • 12 April 2012: Software Update 5.1 is out, includes landscape mode!
  • 28 March 2012. J. K. Rowling has finally released the Harry Porter books in eBook format. Just got my first book, haven't read any of them yet!
  • 24 March 2012. I was the first in line to get my first iPad last week. What a gorgeous tablet, which I'd recommend for PDFs and Kindle reference books. The eInk Kindles are still unparalleled for long form books/novels, however. It's funny how Amazon marketing hasn't really made it a point to use the term 'retina display' since Kindle 3! One way to get the Kindle app for the iPad is to sign up for another Apple ID that is associated with a US address. This may require a US debit card which can be obtained from An iPad can accommodate different Apple IDs, and the Kindle app will appear at the App Store if you sign in with a US-address one. To be perfectly safe, the buying of books remain unchanged from the info given in this blog entry.
  • 19 Jan 2012, Software Update Version 5.0.3 is out. This is a very good update. The overall response of the user interface is very much quicker.
  • 5 Dec 2011, I've received the Touch and the lighted cover. Works great! If you want to get a new Kindle, this is it.
2) Some Kindle ebooks I bought
3) Preamble
4) Kindle Touch
5) X-Ray
6) PDF documents
7) Kindle Lighted Cover
8) Kindle Fire
9) How to buy a Kindle in Singapore
10) How to buy Kindle ebooks in Singapore
11) Which Kindle to buy?

Some Kindle books I've bought to be read on e Ink Kindle or Kindle for iPad

Who reads nowadays any more? Most people are playing Angry Birds on their tablets! Actually, that's not true, people are playing AB and also using their tablets for many other applications. With tablets such as the iPads and other Android devices swamping the market, shouldn't we just use our tablets to read books and not have to carry another device?

Fortunately for Kindle lovers, the answer to this is still no; it still makes a lot of sense to continue with the Kindle for reading. For all intents and purposes, it's 'insanely great'. E Ink, the main feature that differences LCD tablets with Kindles and other similar e-readers, needs to be seen to be believed. It looks like real book; no glare, no back-light.

The Kindle is not available directly from Amazon for people in Singapore, so we need to work around the limitations to make sure Amazon and authors get our money. Of historical interest is the Kindle 3 guide I started more than a year ago. There are more than 700 comments that provide a lot of interesting information that will be of use to everyone. Yes, all 3 of you who have told me you read the whole thing! I'll repeat the essential things to note in this blog entry.

New additions to the Kindle Family

The new Kindle 4 is now just called the Kindle it's very inexpensive. The older Kindle 3 is now called the Kindle Keyboard. And the third new addition is the Kindle Touch which features a touch screen.

Kindle Touch
The Kindle Touch and cover took two weeks to arrive after it got shipped from Amazon. The package was shipped free of charge to Comgateway and forwarded to Singapore. The shipping was US$30. So with shipping included, the cost for a Touch alone is around S$150, with the cover, it's around S$240.


The Kindle Touch is quite different from the previous offerings from Amazon. They decided to go all the way and removed all hard buttons from the Kindle Touch, except the Home button. So how does it compare to the previous Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard)?

There are currently many 1-star reviews for the Kindle Touch on Amazon. I enjoy reading these reviews because often times the reviewers really don't have a clue, and of course get called out by the brash counter-commenters. However, there are some criticisms that are valid and I'll get them out of the way first.

The first is the steeper learning curve. The Quick Start guide included in the package is just way too sparse and people can get totally lost in the beginning. What to press on the Home screen? How to go to the last, or next page? I was a bit lost too so I can understand the 1-star folks. Once you read the PDF manual on your computer, it'll be OK. The pictures below show what to do when you're in a book. They forgot a picture to show what to do at the Home screen, which is to flick left or right to proceed forwards or backwards.

The other bad thing is the lack of landscape presentation. I expect this to be added in a future software update. That's about all the bad aspects of the Touch! Let's go on to the good parts.

The reason for a Touch screen is to make text selection easier, and in this aspect, the Touch truly shines. Selecting words quickly to find their definitions, highlight, or add notes are now much quicker without the need to use the old joystick. Another good thing about Touch is page turns. There are now 2 ways to do page turns: what's shown in the first 2 screenshots above, and to flick left or right. What this means is that you don't need to hold the Kindle a certain way to press the last/next page buttons on non-Touch Kindles. Just hold the Touch in any position you find comfortable.

X-Ray is a new feature found on the Touch; I find it to be totally breathtaking. This is a software feature so it remains to be seen whether Amazon will incorporate this on other Kindles; probably not. X-Ray presents a book into various 'components', with a timeline and important characters superimposed onto it. Here's an example from Steve Jobs. One interesting character from the book is Jon Rubinstein, one of the fathers of the iPod and webOS which is used by my favourite mobile phone, the discontinued Palm Pre series. Say I want to know Jon's story; I can go into X-Ray and get the gist very quickly. It's very intuitive and quite a game changer for readers. (click = big)


You'd notice that Jon's wikipedia entry is included in X-Ray. I read somewhere that the wiki information is embedded inside the ebook itself. Not all ebooks have this; probably only the newer ones. I think all books should have X-Ray!

PDF documents
Currently there is a 'problem' with PDF documents as the ability to read in landscape mode is not implemented yet. I am pleasantly surprised, though, that reading PDF is now a different experience because of the ability to pinch-zoom, and drag the page around. While 6" screens are generally not suited for PDF documents (I consider an iPad-size tablet ideal for PDFs), what we find on the Touch seems to be quite workable and marginally satisfactory, certainly better than what the Kindle 3/Keyboard offers. 

Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover
 This lighted cover isn't really leather, I think. It's some sort of plastic that looks like leather. Generally speaking, I like it a lot; it is much better than the older lighted cover for the Kindle 3. The light now sits in the middle of the unit and so it's able to illuminate the device more evenly. The Kindle Touch is now wrapped by a rubbery case and it feels very solid. It's not cheap, but it's highly recommended!



Kindle Fire
How about the Kindle Fire? The Fire is an Android-based tablet. While it's not difficult to get the device itself and Kindle books onto it, I am concerned whether books are all we can get. Also, the advantage that the Fire has is that it's better at the Kindle at handling PDF files. However, given the Fire's relatively small screen size, how feasible is this? There are also rumors that new Fires with bigger screens will be announced soon. Currently, I will wait and see before getting a Fire.

How to buy a Kindle in Singapore
Here are the steps I use. Do note that Amazon doesn't officially support Kindles in Singapore. There are instances where buyers were found to be not from 'authorised countries' and their accounts were disabled. Your mileage may vary. Caveat Emptor. Many people have also bought books using local credit cards with no adverse consequences. No one really knows the variables involved. The steps below are the most conservative, but they do work very well.
  • Create an Amazon account if you don't already have one.
  • Go to the Kindle page and buy yourself a Kindle. It will be automatically linked to your Amazon account. I prefer the WiFi-only version rather than the 3G+WiFi version. The added 3G isn't really necessary because worldwide surfing isn't guaranteed. Also, additional costs will be incurred for the transfer of documents if 3G (AT&T roaming) is used when there is no WiFi.
  • Ship it to a third party mail forwarder. Borderlinx (Citibank credit card required, go to 'get a virtual address') and Comgateway (go to 'get my US address') are excellent. They both use DHL.
  • When you get your Kindle, you need to register it if it hasn't already been registered. After connecting to wifi at home>settings, register it by filling in your Amazon username and password at "home>settings>register".

Some preparatory steps to take before buying books from the Amazon US store
  • Firstly, do NOT buy Amazon ebooks directly from your Kindle device or Kindle apps, not even free books.
  • Buy a gift card with your local credit card, say USD50. Use the correct, local billing address for this purchase. Email the gift card to your email address. When you receive it in the mail, apply the gift amount to your Amazon account.
  • Go to your account, 'manage payment options', and erase your credit card info if you have any credit cards associated with . (Do this also whenever you buy something at Amazon using your local credit card.)
  • You need to buy books using your Internet browser on your computer with a VPN installed. Functionally, using a VPN is the equivalent of me giving you an airplane ticket to travel with your Kindle to the US. Use a VPN such as AlwaysVPN to make yourself situated in the US, in spirit. You may turn it off later when you're done purchasing. Click here to download some instructions. The cheapest Alwaysvpn package can last you for years. Do not use Hotspot Shield; it's known not to work sometimes.
  • Exit your Internet browser.
  • Switch on your VPN. Open your browser.
  • Go to Manage your Kindle at the Kindle product page.
  • Go to 'your country'. Change your country to US if it's showing another country. Use any US address.
  • Switch off the VPN.
How to buy e-books from the Amazon US store
  • Again, do NOT buy e-books (even if the books are free) with the Kindle device.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account. If not, buy more gift cards and apply them to your account.
  • Exit your Internet browser.
  • Switch on your VPN, and check that it's working by going to . It needs to show a US IP address.
  • Go to Amazon. Find your book and click 'buy now with 1-click', 'deliver to your Kindle'. If you choose to wirelessly send it to your Kindle, you should receive the book in a few seconds. You can also choose to download the file and transfer it to your Kindle using USB. If asked for the billing address, use any US address. Note that this address will not be used because funds will originate from your gift card balance.
  • Switch off the VPN.
Which Kindle to buy?

For now, the non-3G Kindle Touch with Special Offers is my recommendation. The Kindle Keyboard does have its benefits, specifically real buttons for page advancement. However, the Touch provides many additional features that provide the biggest jump in usability since the introduction of the first Kindle:
  • The ability to touch the screen means that you can hold the device any way you like and not being restricted by the positioning of the page advancement buttons
  • X-Ray; follow the story's characters like never before
  • instant dictionary look-ups


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Anonymous said...

Your blog is really useful. Thanks loads!

Ningko said...

Hi, any idea where I can find a kindle sleeve with lights attched in Singapore?? Thanks in advance

teddyjaey said...

Hi Jeff,

Please could you share your VPN ... my email address is

teddyjaey said...


Thanks a million for all the sharing. I was able to buy gift card, bought a few books, then kindle block me. It must be that they tracked the IP address.

Anonymous said...


Can I still ask you to help me buy books if I want more books on the Kindle?

Will it automatically update on the KateSpadeKindle?

jeffyen said...

Ningko, I don't think there's such a thing as 'sleeve with light'. Usually it's a cover with light. Amazon's one is very good but expensive.

Myvan said...


I'm interested to get one kindle touch. My main objective is to read on pdf book. I've alot pdf ebook in my laptop n intend transfer to kindle for reading. How's is the quality after transfer? Or have to convert to other format? I'm worry the quality not nice n spoil my mood of reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, am doing research before getting a kindle. Read your advice on how to get the kindle and also e-books. You mentioned I need an Amazon account to but the kindle. Can I register Singapore address when opening the account?
Thanks KG

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeff, it's me again KG Do you know any issue with buying kindle from Prubuy, SG online shopping? Thanks.

kcb said...

thanks for sharing jeff. finally can get my hands on one now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

According to the kindle touch user guide,
"When you first connect the Kindle to a computer’s USB port, it will appear as an external
storage drive or volume on the computer’s desktop. You’ll see a directory or folder called
“documents.” The “audible” directory is for your audiobooks, and “music” is for your MP3

I connect my Kindle with pc and see nothing even though i tried refresh "My computer". Tried this on 2 different pc but still unable to transfer mp3 file to kindle.

Any idea how to do it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

Super useful information u have here! Thanks so much..Am considering to get Kindle Touch soon. If I have US-based credit card, and use this card as the payment mode in Amazon account, do I still need to use the alwaysVPN to buy ebooks?


jeffyen said...

Myvan, if your PDFs are just text, then it should be no problem as the result after conversion will still be text. PDFs with complex layouts are trickier.

KG, yes you can register with a sg address but you may need to use a dummy US address later if you want to buy ebooks. Prubuy seems ok, the prices seem excellent though I've not used them before.

Jess, that behaviour is pretty strange. Maybe you can try reseting your kindle? Perhaps your usb cable is not working well? Try another cable?

Jean, yes you should still use a vpn to avoid future hassles.

Roy said...

Hi Jeff,

i have just purchased a Kindle Touch and have not registered it. I am a bit hesitant to register, because from your blog, it seems that Amazon can track that I'm in Singapore and not US?

can i just check that the point of registration is:
1. getting books from Amazon
2. getting the firmware update which speeds the interface up
3. being able to use collections

drawbacks of registration:
1. i can't purchase books directly on my kindle because they can detect that i'm outside US?
2. and if they detect that i am not, will my device be useless after?

sorry if these questions have already been answered, and thanks for your time

jeffyen said...

Roy, you need to register it, there's no reason not to. First 1,3 are correct. Second 1: you can't purchase books, period. 2 then becomes moot.

Following the steps found in this blog entry will allow you to do everything nicely.

Roy said...

Great! Thanks Jeff!

Kan said...

Hey, thanks for all the help! I just got my kindle, and I bought a book from amazon. Everything went well until I tried to transfer the book into my kindle and or computer. It doesn't give me any option to do that. All I can do is, "Deliver to my Kindle Cloud Reader". I'd appreciate any advice you can give me :)

jeffyen said...

Kan, I suspect that you haven't registered the Kindle at 'menu' so the Kindle isn't associated with your amazon account yet. Please follow the instructions given to avoid hassles...

Donovan said...

hey Jeff,

I've followed your instructions and ordered yesterday on Amazon - a Kindle touch and the nifty cover that has a spotlight via comGateway. just want to ask, do you have any idea #1 how long it would take and #2 how much will comGateway charge?

by the way, this blog is a godsend for us Singaporeans who have so little information on the Kindle products. thanks for keeping it up!

Many Thanks,

jeffyen said...

Donovan, it'll cost around S$30 and probably takes 10 days from amazon to CGW to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,
It's a very useful article. I have a few questions to ask.

1) My brother in US is buying a Kindle touch for my birthday. Can he use "comgateway" to deliver it to Singapore? Borderlinx is out of option as I am still a student and I don't own any credit card.

2) Nook Simple touch or Kindle touch?

Thank you in advance.

jeffyen said...

Myo, cgw and borderlinx both use credit card. You still need one to buy giftcards. I'd suggest you apply for a debit card. I cannot comment on the Nook as I don't own one and am not familiar with the workflow, unlike Amazon's.

Anonymous said...

hi jeff,
how do you charge your Kindle Touch because if I'm not wrong the charger for the Kindle that they're selling on Amazon doesn't work with Singapore plugs right?

also... regarding the 3G on the kTouch 3G, have you tried it urself in sg? can use in sg? is it fast/slow?


Vanessa said...

Hi Jeff
I just bought the kindle touch and would like to check how to go about downloading stuff from amazon using alwaysvpn.
Thank u!

Anonymous said...

I just bought a kindle and received it via comgateway yesterday. Charged it overnight but the light remains amber/orange? Also, according to Amazon Help Page, I'm supposed to see a USB drive mode screen when I connect it to my computer but I do not see it on my Kindle. I can't seem to switch on my Kindle either... :(

If I can't get it to work, will I be able to send it back to Amazon for refund? Wondering if they might react badly since my order was for delivery to a US address but I'll be returning it from a SG address....

Ningko said...

Ok, I'm trying to buy a book from a website but everytime it doesn't include my country (S'pore). How to buy an ebook in S'pore?? And btw what is VPN?? I'm a bit new on this.

jeffyen said...

Anon, maybe you can use another computer to charge your Kindle? If you Kindle is on, go to home button>menu>settings>menu>restart

I don't think you need to send it back as there are still many possibilities. They won't react badly.

Ningko, you need to email me at . What website are you refering to? You can only buy ebooks from

Anonymous said...

If i bought a Kindle Touch from sellers here in SG, would I need their Amazon account to register the Kindle or I could make my own account and register. Would you recommend buying here in SG or directly from Amazon? Thanks :)

Ron said...

Hi Jeff,

I just want to thank you for the great instructions you had posted up here. I have had the Kindle Touch for a week now, and I absolutely love the experience. Before this, I had been using the Kindle app on iPad for quite a while, but had never felt 100% comfortable with it. The Kindle is simply amazing and has made reading an e-book almost as endearing as curling up with a real book again.

Thanks again!


jeffyen said...

Anon, there's really not much difference between an unopened set bought from Amazon or elsewhere. They all came from Amazon. You can register using your account. The only slight complication if the third party seller bought the Kindles with their account instead of a 'gift'. If so, you still need to try your best and register it to your Amazon account. I like buying direct from Amazon as it's usually cheaper.

Ron, I'd argue that using the Touch with the lighted case is more endearing that curling up with a real book lol

sketchproof said...

Hi Jeff
I am looking at the non-3G Kindle Touch. A friend of mine is going to Chicago. If I ask him to purchase it for me there, what's the procedure to make sure that I can buy books back in Singapore. I have been reading your blog and kinda find it very inconvenient and confursing to own a Kindle in Singapore. You may have been asked this question before but hop you don't mind advising me or point me to the comment on the same. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi. For the payment part in Amazon, what do I use as my Billing Address? Should it also be a US address? Thanks.

jeffyen said...

sketchproof, the procedure is exactly as I describe in this blog entry. You need to email me for more info about the vpn. Other than that, it's a breeze to use it in sg. After you try it once, it's neither very inconvenient nor confusing.

Anon, your billing address can be any US address provided you're using the gift card method that I describe.

sketchproof said...

Hi Jeff
Thanks for your reply.
I am likely to get the Kindle basic. I will to purchase it online and has Amazon deliver to the hotel where he will be staying. Will a hotel address be ok as a US shipping address?
When the Kindle arrives then I will email you on the vpn info. Many Thanks!!!

jeffyen said...

sketchproof, unless there're very good reasons for getting the basic Kindle, I'd highly recommend instead the Touch with the lighted case; I've used this combination for a while and the experience has been sublime.

I guess the hotel address is fine; only problem is if the delivery gets delayed etc. and misses your stay.

roulytte said...

HI Jeff

No particular reason why I prefer the basic to Touch. I guess I want it just for reading books, news and magazines. Please convince me that even I want a Kindle just for reading, I should go for the Touch. You are right on what if the delivery gets delayed and arrives when we checked out of the hotel. Otherwise, I came to know this guy here selling the Touch for S$175 and Basic for S$135. Should I just buy it from him rather than going through the hassle of online purchase and then have it delivered to the hotel.
I saw on youtube that the light stick on the lighted casing is very fragile and a slight miscue there goes the light stick. Any alternative to this lighted casing?

jeffyen said...

roulytte, the basic Kindle does have some advantages which is the non-touch screen that you can press and nothing happens. Some people prefer that. With the Touch screen, you can switch pages more easily and find out definitions instantly. Buying from the guy may be a better idea if there's even the slightest chance you'll miss the delivery.

The light looks fragile, but it really isn't very fragile. The alternative is to use an attachable reading light. The 'fragile' light solution is very much more elegant, and pricey, though.

Anonymous said...

hi! I would like to ask if i'm going to buy from some of the online sellers, what is the price range for kindle touch wifi? plus what should i check for when i'm checking the product.

roulytte said...

Hi Jeff
I'll have to decide on whether it's a basic or touch.
The lighted casing is indeed very pricey but it'a all-in-one.
Thanks for all your advice!
roulytte aka sketchproof

Lis said...

Hi JEff!
Been reading your blog for whole day, gathered enough guts & went on to purchase the Kindle touch...finally!
I am still nervous as to how the VPN installation works....please help!
Thank you for your numerous feedback & precious're a gem!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff - very good tips in here. Thank you. I Judy just got a kindle fire - how do I enable alwaysvpn? Thanks

Ron said...

Jeff, a physical book still holds a special place in my heart. But then again, I'm one of those who are on many books at any one time, so the Kindle is a godsend so I can carry these many books everywhere I go. Can't beat that.

jeffyen said...

Anon, the Kindle Touch wifi is around S$150 from amazon with shipping using BL/CGW. The extra you want to pay buying from someone else is a personal preference. There's no need to check the product; it should be sealed in the package.

Lis, you need to email me at

叶子 said...

Hi Jeff,
I just a kindle fire and To use the free VPN service from alwaysvpn as mentioned above, but it says that it no longer has the free VPN service. Is there any other VPN that I can use?

Thanks much for ur assistance!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

This is Steven. I would like to ask a few question as below:
1. Is there any problem that I put SG address as billing address? and US address as shipping address?

2. Would Amazon block the kindle to be sent to my US address?

For now, I used my local credit card to buy the kindle touch and putting the US address as biling and shipment address. Is there any problem with that? I just wanna to play safe.

Once I get my kindle, could you kindly guide me what should I do for the next step? VPN thing, registration and so on because I found abit lost with the Q&A above.

Thank you very much and very appreciate what have you done to kindle user in SG.

Nina said...

Hi Jeff, my mom owns a Kindle and she never had a problem buying books directly off the Amazon site on her Kindle with her Singapore credit card in Singapore. Has something changed within Amazon to make this possible, or is it just her luck?

Tinie Le said...

Hi Jeff,
After months of researching, I made a purchase of my first KT through the help of your blog, And it go smoothly, purchasing book from amazon is easy also. Now i'm enjoy my book on the KT while taking mrt to work and back home. Reading book on the KT under the sun in bishan park is fun too. Really appreciate your help for all the questions that we have posted.
Just a thought, have you ever tried to borrow nation library e-book from the KT?? if yes, how does it work?

jeffyen said...

Susan, alwaysvpn has never been free. You need to email me for more info.

Steven, 1) not a problem for just buying the Kindle itself. It may be a problem if you're buying ebooks. In this scenario, follow the steps I gave. 2) No.

If you're using a local credit card to buy the Kindle, do NOT use a US billing address because the correct billing address for your credit card is an SG one. Using an incorrect billing address while actually using your credit card to buy something will bring all sorts of problems in this scenario.

You need to email me when you've gotten your Kindle device for more info on the vpn.

Nina, it's just her luck. I cannot say if say 90% of the people are lucky, I'm just concerned with the other 10%; I still get regular emails from them, and as you can observe, some have mentioned it in the comments. So things have not changed yet.

Tinie, the sg library does NOT support the Kindle at this point in time.

JW said...

Hey jeff

thanks for this blog! being trying to figure out how to get my hands on a kindle in singapore

question, if one were to have and use a US credit card and billing/mailing address, wld it be possible to bypass the whole VPN situation? bc in theory, the 3G touch can dl books anywhere in the world right? so wldn't it be feasible to have someone who "brought her kindle to a different country and wanna dl a book from there"?


Anonymous said...

hi jeff!
if i keep transferring files to my kindle touch using the usb cable. will it spoil my kindle since i usually unplug the kindle after i've finished transferring the files (meaning i don't charge it to 100%)

jeffyen said...

JQ, by right, yes. However, you may still get the dreaded email and you can tell them you're a US resident etc. but it's quite a hassle still. What they check primarily is the IP address at the point of purchase.

Anon, it won't spoil your Kindle.

Mayasari Zulkarnaini said...

Hi Jeff,

I found your blog today and your posted useful information for the Kindle. I got my kindle 4 three days ago from my friend in UK and registered it under his address. Try to buy 1 book and it works. Unfortunately I got email from amazon asking me to send them the ID and etc as approval for my UK address. I wish I found your blog earlier before and follow the instruction. Now, I have deregister status on my kindle and not sure how to solve it. Do you think I need to deregister it, change my amazon account and get the my own VPN account?

jeffyen said...

Mayasari, you need to email me at for more info. Don't do anything to the Kindle yet.

between 7 and 9 said...

Dear Jeff

I just got the original kindle from the US and now back home trying it and stumbled on your website. Thank you I followed it to the T and have downloaded a couple of books. Just wanted to say thanks.


Shilin said...

Dear Jeff,

I have a VPN, and I used it to change my kindle address to a US address which I got from a generator.

So before i buy anything, I wanna make sure everything's alright, so I wont waste money on gift cards.

I tried by buying some free books, on the first try, it asks me to specify which address to I chose the generated

I am wondering will amazon send anything to this mail address?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

1)Can I order online and get it shipped to a US address for a friend to pick up, then register as u outlied when I receive it?

2)Will it be able to work in other parts of in buying books?

Wendy said...

Hi Jeff,

Couple of questions,sorry if it's also repeated
1)Can I buy it online and have it shipped to a US address for friends to bring in? Then do I register as you guided?
2)Can I use it in other parts of in downloading books?

Thanks, Wendy

jeffyen said...

Shilin, no, Amazon will not send anything to that address.

Wendy, 1) yes, correct. 2) yes, and try to follow the steps I give closely when buying the books.

Anonymous said...

hi Jeff...

thanks for information. I found that VPN is unnecesary. you can purchase and buy books without VPN. you just need US address and use gift card. That's it.

jeffyen said...

Anon, not necessarily. While many people do that and it's fine, it doesn't mean it's full proof. I base that on the emails I've received and have been tried to tease out the variables involved...

Vicki Chan said...

Hi Jeff

Do you know of any VPN for the UK Store similar to AlwaysVPN so I can go buy Lesley Downer Books from the Kindle UK store.

I think she only has 2 or 3 books there but they are not on the US Kindle store.A monthly subscription for me won't be worth it. I would prefer a GB Based charge.

the gp tutor said...

Hi Jeff,

This is a very informative post! Thanks so much :)

I have followed your instructions and now awaiting for the Kindle to be delivered to my US address before using a concierge service to mail it over to Singapore.

I have a minor problem though which is AlwaysVPN doesn't support my OS which is Mac 10.7. On their website it is stated that only 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 is supported. Do you have any other similar websites to recommend since Hotspot Shield isn't always reliable?

Looking forward to your response.

jeffyen said...

Vicky, the US store has only one book, The Secret History of the Geisha
I think strongvpn is workable but it's rare to find a bandwidth based vpn...

gp, maybe you can try this:
Please download and install this BETA version
on top of the stable version. DO NOT delete Tunnelblick before you install the beta version.

Vicki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gary said...

New update for kindle! 5.0.4!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. I've just got a kindle touch and I followed the instructions you gave and it works. Thank you! My question, since I've already added a gift card for my purchases, how do I check the remaining amount I have left on the gift card?


jeffyen said...

Yasmin, at, go to 'gift cards' at the top, then 'view account balance' at the bottom left.

roulytte said...

Hi Jeff

My Kindle Touch finally arrives. I was deciding between the Touch and the basic and you talked me out of basic. A friend of mine bought it off a vending machine in Las Vegas at US$99.99. What should I do next to my new toy? I am sure you have answer this question a thousand times so please point me to your postings on this. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I just purchased a Kindle Touch (friend from US got it for me) and I started downloading free kindle books directly from Whispernet without knowing the 'challenges'. my bad.

Now when I try to download any more free books, they produce a message saying that it seems I am from another country than the one I am registered from (US). Hence I cant do anything on Amazon now, they require me to contact customer support.. what should I say to them?

I have removed all credit card billing information and also installed the Hotspot shield. Yet I am still encountering that message on Amazon.. that asks me to contact customer support :(

Please help? I am a huge technology novice.

Big thanks.

jeffyen said...

roulytte, you can refer to the online help documentation at amazon's support site. For the buying of books, just follow the instructions that I have. And email me for the vpn.

Anon, you need to email me for the vpn and more information.

Anonymous said...

Hi jeff,I have been religiously--i hope--reading your blog. And I just purchased my Kindle Touch via Comgateway. I will post soon when it finally arrives. I'm really excited!
Thanks for sharing your experience.
-- Em

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

When buying giftcards from amazon:

1) we don't need to switch on VPN
2) we will use the same amazon account which we will use to buy ebooks later
3) we need to update the dummy USA address currently under amazon account to a valid Singapore address (due to the billing). it is ok to do this?
4) Can we leave the billing address empty in the amazon acc?

Thanks in advance.


jeffyen said...

1) correct, 2) technically not necessarily, but sure, I do this too. 3)correct, as a valid billing address is necessary for the purchase of gift cards. Only use the dummy US address when you're buying ebooks with gift card funds later on. 4) you can, but eventually they may ask you for it. So real b.a. for gift card purchases, and US one for actual book purchase from gift card funds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Your Solution works. Thanks a Million...

Best Wishes,
Ellen Chow

Emeelea Sani said...

hi jeff,

i sent you an email to request to use your vpn but i have since bought 5gb of vpn to use (couldn't wait).

my problem :-

after the purchase i logged in vpn but a check with whatsmyipaddress still states i'm in singapore.

sent an emial to login alwaysvpn instead so still waiting for reply

does it take long to get vpn to work? and i am supposed to switch the vpn on/off only when i log in right?

thanks for your advice jeff, as for now i shall refrain from buying until i get the vpn working.


jeffyen said...

Amy, this sometimes happen, though infrequently. Try again sometime later...

Anonymous said...

Would like to ask whether it is possible to view ebooks from other cloud storage such as dropbox or sugarsync

Doug said...

Hi Jeff,

I used my local credit card to buy the gift card. Not too sure what went wrong but Amazon sent me an email asking me to verify my address in the states by faxing to them and will suspend my account until that is done. Do you have any advise to work around this?


jeffyen said...

Doug, I suspect you have filled in the wrong billing address? As you're using the credit card to spend money, you need to fill in the correct, local credit card billing address. If you determine that the email is not a phish, follow their instructions. This is not a Kindle issue, it's an amazon finance dept issue as gift cards are general amazon products.

james18 said...

Hi, Jeff

I have the same problem like Doug. While purchasing a gift card, the transaction did not go through.

Amazon had asked me to fax my credit card billing address to them for verification. In the mean time, my account was suspended.

I have determined that it is not a phish and faxed the details to them. It had been 2 days. I was wondering how long it takes them to resolve the issue and reactivate my Amazon account.

Appreciate your input and advice.


jeffyen said...

James, assuming you put in the correct billing address, this sometimes do happen randomly. It's just that amazon wants to check the authenticity of the crdit card details, shouldn't take too long for them to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for much for the informative blog post. I just ordered my Kindle touch and am having it delivered via vPost. Very excited for it to arrive!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I'm actually considering to get a kindle fire and am very new to these new terms like VPN and stuff. Would you really be willing to share the account?

galen said...

Amazon seems to be stepping up account suspensions. I purchased a gift card with my long-standing account, no issues there. But upon utilisation of the gift, which went through, my new US account was suspended and I was asked to have the bank contact them even though I was just using a gift card.

So annoyed. That's a gift card down the drain. Good thing I tested with a small value, so nothing substantial lost.

jeffyen said...

galen, could you forward me their email to you? There shouldn't be problems using a gift card...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I got a Vpost account. Will I be able to use the given US address as the shipping address when buying Kindle Touch? Or I will need a Comgateway or Borderlinx account?
Also, to register an Amazon account, am I suppose to give my local singapore address or a US address is required?
Sorry about the long queries, I am not an IT savvy person but will like very much to have a Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

I've sent you an email on the VPN issue, hope you'll be able to help thanks.


Wyatt said...

Hi everyone, i just bought a kindle, and noticed

1) i can access the store while i'm on the road and bought a book directly.. so i supposed it's using 3G.

2) and i can surf the internet on my kindle.

Are there additional charges on scenario 1 above or any roaming charges on scenario 2 above? and if so, how do they charge it? i don't see any charges anywhere on the kindle/amazon account ?

adeline said...

Hi jeff!

thanks for your post! may i ask, is it equally troublesome to buy books for a kindle on other ebookstores, or only for amazon? I've also read somewhere that you can't buy books from B&N as it's not compatible with the kindle. Hoping to get your input here! thanks!!


jeffyen said...

Anon, you can just use your vpost address as your shipping address. I don't think you need to provide an address when registering an account. If they ask for a billing address, then use a US one, but ONLY if you're not actually paying anything from this credit card.

Wyatt, while many people have done what you mentioned, it may not be totally 'safe'. The bill will come from the credit card that you associate with one-click, if in fact there are extra charges.

Adeline, it's hard to buy books for the Kindle from anything outside of amazon because the drm used is not the same. (There is also not much reason not to buy everything from amazon anyway.) Yes, B&N use a different DRM and the books bought there cannot be read on the Kindle.

Valerie said...

Hi, i recently acquired a kindle from a middleman in Singapore and am unable to buy or download ebooks on Amazon. I followed your steps to buy a gift card, and just signed up with AlwaysVPN. But I still have not received the email confirmation which it says it would be sending.

And how do I actually activate my VPN in order to download ebooks successfully?

Your advice is very much needed!

Valerie said...

Hi, I am typing on this space again cos I forgot to click on the option to email my email account for replies.

thanks in advance!

Valerie said...

Hi Jeff,

you mentioned the following:
Again, do NOT buy e-books (even if the books are free) using the Kindle's Whispernet/3G/WiFi.

But when I downloaded free ebooks, it says that i am doing so via the whispernet. how can I avoid doing so and purely download based on Always VPN?


jeffyen said...

Valerie, getting the reply from alwaysvpn should be quite straightforward. Check you email's spam folder and email me for more detailed info on its use.

The only way to download using a vpn is to do it on a PC/laptop. That was what I meant in my steps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, ordered a Amazon Kindle Touch right after reading your blog. Thanks for the review as it helps answering to all my questions.

kohtay said...

Hi Jeff, Many thanks for your post and comment, now I already bought kindle fire with Vpost, still waiting to got that. Thanks for your great post.

Tara said...

Hi Jeff, I just received my Kindle in Singapore and it's registered to my father's account back home in India. The Kindle store works in India. Does that mean he can purchase books using his credit card in India and they'll be delivered wirelessly to my Kindle here in Singapore? Also, is there any way that I can purchase books from Singapore using the India-registered account? Thanks so much for your help!

Peter said...

Hi Jeff

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Wonder whether it is safe to buy ebooks from amazon using the kindle directly if the wifi is sitting behind the vpn (ie without buying via a PC & then transfer)?

By right they will not know that physically the kindle is in Singapore?


jeffyen said...

Tara, yes he can buy books in India and it will appear in the Kindle. However, buying books here may be a bit tricky. I'd say go for it and if amazon asks, just say you're on holiday here. The easiest thing to do is to give your father your wish list and asks him to buy it in India. The vpn scenario in this blog entry won't apply to you.

jeffyen said...

Peter, theoretically this can work. However, I haven't been able to do it myself.

GYL said...

Hi Jeff,

I got a friend living in the States to get me a kindle touch. However I just wanted to enquire whether the VPN account is a one time pay all or is it a monthly subscription thing. Sorry I'm kinda new to all these. Thanks for the advice!


jeffyen said...

Alwaysvpn that I use requires a one time payment. I do share my account with locals for free...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

What your opinion on this e-book

It available in SG and seems like an alterative to Kindle

jeffyen said...

The iriver ereader has been around for many years already. Popular sold it once also. My opinion is that unless a competitor is way better than the Kindle, there's just not much reason to consider the alternative. The availability of 'local content' is irrelevant if the catalogue is very much smaller than Amazon's.

Parh Jin said...

I humbly submit my work here for all to use.. as this seems to be a central resource for kindle users.. sorry if this is a long post, I'll try to be brief.

Problem: How to get the full text of local news (From Today, ChannelNewsAsia, Straits Times) delivered daily and automatically to the kindle?

Solution: combine all of these free services: Yahoo Pipes, Google Reader, (previous solutions I come across required installation of Calibri and writing a script to extract content from AND running it every day, klunky and I never got around to doing it)

1) Google Reader ( This is an RSS aggregator linked to your Google account (if you have gmail, then you have this)

2) ( This is a free service to package your Google Reader content and send it to your kindle. You can schedule it to be a particular time every day. The only downside is you need to go in and "reactivate" it every 30 days. Of course you have to give it your google log in details, but you can create a google account just for the RSS and keep your gmail account separate.

3) so far so good, but the problem with the Todayonline RSS feed is that the text included in the RSS itself is a chopped off version of the full text. and I do not want to click through to read the full article, especially not on a kindle, which is slow on the internet. is the answer. Using drag-and-drop and some typing, you can make it do really fancy stuff with RSS (like getting the full text of the article and putting it inside the rss feed itself).

Here are 3 rss feeds I made in

(Straits Times breaking news)
Only this section has readable text, the rest needs a Straits Times digital subscription. I left out the sports news as I don't read that.

All Singapore news.


Just subscribe to these feeds in Google Reader, set up for yourself properly, and like me you can get daily news update on your kindle every morning (via wifi of course)

tip: if you create a new rss feed in Yahoo Pipes and subscribe to it in Google Reader, it might not be immediately viewable. It takes time for Google Reader to get it. You can also try some of the troubleshooting tips in Google Reader.

Parh Jin said...

Hi all, I discovered some cool readable rss feeds from They have a ranking system for the feeds and they actually give you an average word count of the feed to give you an idea of how much content there is. (e.g. new yorker full feed has 1978 words per article, more than enough reading) I discovered Yahoo Pipes from here.

Compared to Google Reader, this one sends images also, and is limited to 12 feeds only for the free version. You also need to go in to click something to send the content to your kindle.

If you pay $20 per year, you get more feeds, more pictures and the delivery can be automatic. But being cheapskate I didn't go this route. I just took the free one.

Of course you can always take the rss feeds found here and subscribe to them from Google Reader. However note that (see previous post) is limited to 100 articles only, and no pictures.

Jean said...

Hi Jeff,

I got a kindle touch as a gift, and I registered the device and ads started appearing instead of the screen saver.

Any idea how to remove the ads?

I read online that I'll need to pay for unsubscription fee, I was wondering if I using a local credit card to do that would be any problem.


jeffyen said...

Parh Jin, thanks for writing down the detailed instructions. :)

Jean, to remove the ads, you need to buy the version of the Touch known as Touch without Special Offers. I am ununsure if it's possible to 'pay off the difference'.

My recomendation is that that you keep the ads because they are completely unaobtrusive and they are really good since you can take advantage of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

I just got my kindle in Singapore. Just want to share that I can buy books at Amazon Kindle online and also via wifi on my kindle touch without need of VPN or gift card.

I go to "Manage Your Kindle" and change "Country Settings" to the address i use in comgateway.

The only thing i cant get access to is social network via my kindle touch wifi. Any solutions to it?

Jae said...

Hi Jeff,

I find your blog really useful, however, do you mind sharing your VPN code?

My email is peach.mints@gmail :) tyvm!

Anonymous said...

hi Jeff initially with your guide i was able to purchase books using hotspot shield.

but now im suddeny encountering problems, as amazon says that im buyin from a plc different from my amazon address! help!

frezb26 said...

Hello, thank you so much for your post. It was really helpful to me. I have a question and hope you would be able to help. I've been trying to pre-order the new JK Rowling book from Amazon but it keeps prompting me to enter credit card information. There is enough balance in my giftcard account and I have no problem buying ebooks. Any experience on this? Thanks


jeffyen said...

Anon, the social network linkup should work fine if the Kindle has been registered.

Anon, as stated in the blog, don't use HSS.

frezb26, the HP books are the only books found at that work differently. The books are really sold by the official HP bookstore. Amazon doesn't handle the money; hence you need to pay them separately from the amazon gift card funds.

jeffyen said...

frezb26, a clarification as I just noticed you meant 'pre-ordering'. All preorders do not come from the gift card funds. They need to be paid by credit card. Aren't HP books all released already? There's no need to 'pre order'?

frezb26 said...

Hello Jeff, thanks so much for your help. Yes all the potter books have been released, I was trying to pre-order her new book due out in September. Ah well, guess I'll just wait till it's released than.


ptsash said...

From PTS.....
I have decided to use vConcierge at vPost to buy a Kindle Touch Wi-Fi. However, I am alarmed by recent posts on blocked ebook purchases resulting in requests from Amazon to verify a US-based account -- if that happened to me, I am toast, because I won't be able to provide verification and hence my account may be blocked forever.
Can I check: if I follow the VPN script religiously and buy only via computer+VPN+gift cards method, I should not encounter any blocking, right? Nothing has changed recently to make the blocking a heightened risk now, has it?
Thanks much for sharing your experiences, Jeff -- very useful for me to get quickly acquainted with Amazon's quirks.


Anonymous said...

You don't need any VPN at all to buy or browse books. Just make sure you have a US-based amazon account with sufficient funds in your gift card balance - and you can buy books on a normal browse on computer or directly on your kindle.

relentless said...

It is best to create a new clean amazon account with US based address.. you can get the address easily if you have vpost or there are other alternative. And make sure you don't confuse this account with your other SG based amazon account.

And yes you need gift cards in which you can send via your SG-based account to the US-based account.

That is all you need. No need VPN.

jeffyen said...

Anonymous and relentless, while it is true that it is possible to buy books without the use of a vpn, and many people have indeed been successful, there is still a possibility that bad things can happen, as seen from the comments here as well as emails I receive occasionally.

If the objective is close to/100% foolproof, I think it's best to use the vpn and gift cards.

Anonymous said...


This post has been tremendously useful, thank you! I was wondering if you could share your VPN with me (

I was also wondering how you would subscribe to magazines? Amazon requires credit card details and it can't be bought with a gift card.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

This might sound silly. But I just want to make sure it is ok. I will be in the States end of the month. Will it be safe to download books from Amazon using wifi when I'm there? I am guessing there is no need for the use of my VPN.

jeffyen said...

Anon, yes, for a magazine, you need a debit card like the one from usunlocked. However, you may want to try the 'recipes' from Calibre first. Someone might have already done the 'necessary capture' of magazines found online.

Anon, yes, if you're in the States, buy books at will. First change your country settings to US when you're there.

Kalyisah said...

Hi there, i'm intending to purchase the kindle from Amazon however, i do have a few enquirer to make in which how do i go about shipping the package back to Singapore after using the US address.

Hope u could resolve this issue. Thank you in advance.

jeffyen said...

Kalyisah, what comgateway does is to ship the package to Singapore, after it receives the package from Amazon..

Tristique said...

Hi Jeff,

Just want to say a million thanks for this wonderful thread. Unbelievable - I ordered my Kindle, screen protector and sleeve via Borderlinx last Tuesday (22 May) and DHL came calling yesterday (6 days!) but no one was home to receive - Arrrrghhh! They are sending this afternoon so I'm so looking forward to going home after work:)

I'll probably look to converting all my ePub books first before I start buying direct from Amazon. From what I read on this blog, there still seem to be some issues.

Thanks again - will let you all know my progress:)

jeffyen said...

Tristique, if those are not DRMed books, they can be converted to Mobi format using Calibre.

Alvaro Fong said...

Hey there,
I just bought my Kindle touch special offers with only wifi online yesterday night and I followed the exact steps on how to get one in Singapore. They have shipped out and I'm so happy. I would like to ask you for a more simple explanation on how to buy the books. And also if it is possible to put my lecture notes into the kindle to read on-the-go. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, really grateful to all the help you give. According to your instructions, I have bought a Kindle from However, there's an ebook that I really want to get but is only available in and can only be sold people living in UK. How should I get the ebook? If I change my country, they ask me to provide a UK address.


Renee said...

Hello Jeff

Thank god for your blog in helping Singaporeans get their hands on a kindle!
With all your information shared, I'm sure I can get my kindle and the e-books 100% safe from amazon.

Before ordering a kindle touch, could you advise if buying
1. Kindle US Power Adapter (Not included with Kindle or Kindle Touch)
2. GreatShield Ultra Anti-Glare (Matte) Clear Screen Protector Film
are really necessary for the kindle touch?

Thanks a mil

jeffyen said...

Alvaro, I'm afraid my instructions are quite simple already. Just follow them closely. Lecture notes in Word form can be converted into Kindle format. Read the 'help' section at amazon/kindle's website for more info.

Ann, I'm not sure if there's a practical way to proceed. What is the title of the book you want?

Renee, the adaptor is not necessary because you can just charge it using your laptop/computer. The cable is provided. Screen protectors are unnecessary unless you use a lot of makeup. I'd highly recommend a case that protects the screen though. Amazon's default ones are good but expensive.

Zy said...

Hi Jeff.
For some funny reason, i cant create an account at Amazon because my email address doesn't match? I dont understand what i need to match.. Do you mind clarifying please? I tried 2 email address but failed.

Michy said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the informative page. I've really keen on getting a Kindle Touch as well. Just a bit confused about the VPN thingy, can you explain a bit on how it works? VPN can be switched on and off just like that? nothing confusing right?

And also would I be able to use the wifi on TOUCH even in SG? There's no implication of account getting banned right? That is just for when downloading books?

Thanks again!

jeffyen said...

Zy, I think what's happening is you've entered the wrong password? Just click 'forget password' to reset it?

Michy, you need to email me at for the vpn. It's not confusing. Well at least not the second time you use it. No issue with the wifi version. Just need to use the vpn at the point of purchase.

yespecan said...

Just wanna let you know that I managed to download free books/games just by

1) deleting the credit card info in my amazon account
2) changed Country Settings to USA and added a US address.

Was able to send books/games directly to my Kindle Touch shortly after. No need for VPN :)

jeffyen said...

yewpecan, it certainly is possible to buy books without the vpn. However, there are still people who're stopped from doing that; still getting emails from people this week, for e.g. So to be safe, it's good to use one...

Shareefa said...

I have trouble transferring the ebook to my Kindle. I wish to download the file on the computer before transferring it via USB, but it seems like I have no such option. In the dropdown box for Deliver To, I only have the option to deliver to Kindle for PC. Help?

jeffyen said...

Shareefa, that's probably because you haven't registered your Kindle using your amazon username and password? Try it... Also, if you have wifi, there's no need to do the 'download using usb' step.

rabbitsfortea said...

Hey, I just wanted to ask, if I'm currently in the states and have registered my kindle to my amazon account with a states address, can I use my wifi to download/buy books when I'm back in Singapore? Or do I still have to use the VPN method?

Btw, thanks so much for all the Kindle posts that you put up, they are really useful.

jeffyen said...

rabbitsfortea, I would suggest using the vpn method in sg...

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,

thank you so mjch for this page!!!

I had just bought a Kindle from and since cancelled the order, as I had to realize first-hand that no Ebooks from or were "available for my country". Perfectly ridiculous, considering that you can load iTunes and normal Ebook worldwide...

I have two questions, maybe someone can help me with this as the Kindle Support doesn't seem to be the fastest:

1.) I would not call myself computer illiterate, and Amazon pages are usually constructed in the same way, however I was not able to find any Kindle Ebooks on Amazon US. What happened to the 1Mio.+ books easily searchable on Amazon DE and UK?

2.) I'm a Mac Noob, can you maybe point me in the direction of how to access the VPN and change it? Also, do you think the VPN address change would work for a German address also if used with Amazon DE?

Thank you loads!


Ath said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your blog post! Thanks to it I finally got my own Kindle Touch.

But when my Kindle Touch arrived, its packaging was actually opened and resealed using scotch tape. Was it due to SG customs or something? Did you encounter something like that? Thanks!

jeffyen said...

Inga, 1) if you can, look at the app store on the left, it should be changed to US, if possible. If not, you can email me for the vpn. 2) The vpn I use is a US one, can't be used for a .de website. You can just order any Kindle, and register it to a US amazon account to solve this issue. Also, would it be possible to remove your post from the amazon forum? They do need to do what they need to do, so 'don't ask, don't tell' may be a good arrangement. :)

Ath, the original box from amazon that contains only the Kindle shouldn't have been opened. A bigger box which contains the actual box can be opened. They need to look at the invoice for tax/gst purposes. Which mail forwarder did you use? Is anything wrong with the Kindle?

Anonymous said...

Done, sorry Jeff!!

And thank you for your answer! Am considering buying a Kindle Touch in SG now at, it's S$160 only. Have to find out whether this is with ads though, it sounds a lil bothersome.

The question about German VPN was because I am German and may want to load German Kindle Ebooks as well, or rather use Amazon UK and DE. Are you able to access all Amazon Stores, or are you limited to Amazon US if you set up the US address and IP?

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff! When purchasing thru the US amazon site, is it okay to send the purchased ebook to my kindle cloud? Or better download the file to my PC? Thank you!

jeffyen said...

Inga, I expect to not being able to access the .de store if I use an US vpn. However, another way (I came across this method years ago) is to deregister if you use a certain store, then register in another store. The books already bought would remain in your Kindle. I guess there is more hassle involved here.

Anon, you can send the book directly to your device, to be sent wirelessly.

Ath said...

I used CGW. There wasn't an additional (bigger) box though. It came in just the original Kindle box.
Not sure if anything is wrong with the Kindle because I'm not exactly very familiar with its functions.

jeffyen said...

Hmm Ath, that doesn't seem right or at least that's not what I'd expect cgw/DHL/sg customs to do. You should get the Kindle, and usb cable in the box. If you could email me your shipment number or whatever info you have, I'd like to ask them or DHL about this.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your VPN account. But sadly, I have been suspended twice while downloading the books to my computer.

My country is currently stated in US but they are asking me to change the country or contact them.

So how do I go about to not get this again? Do i have to create a 3rd account again?

Thank you.

jeffyen said...

Anon, there's no need to create new accounts. You can avoid the issue by using a vpn, email me.

Anonymous said...

hi jeff. do you know if it will be more worthwhile to get more than 1 kindle at a time or get it seperately with the credit card discounts for first time users. i cant really figure out what will be the shipping charges for say 2 kindles.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just 2 quick questions, how long will it take for the kindle to arrive, via comgateway? Also, if I order stuff from other merchants, will comgateway pack them properly, or simply lump them in the same box?

jeffyen said...

Anon, if you need more than 1 Kindle, just get it. I guess the discounts apply to shipments, not to how many packages there are in that shipment.

Anon, it'll take about 4 days. Overall, from ordering at Amazon to actually receiving it, takes 10-14 days.

They will not repack it, usually. They'll just forward whatever has been sent to them, which is good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff. I sent you an email last night regarding my kindle issues. Hope you can get back to me soon. You might want to check your junk mail in case my email got directed there. Thanks much! -Nisa Razak (

Dave said...

Hi Jeff,

I just got my kindle touch yesterday and I'm a bit confused with the information needed to register it. Will it be ok if I put my address here in Singapore and not a US address? even in the credit card billing address is singapore. Will it affect my account? even if I use gift card to buy ebooks from amazon?

Thanks in advance.

jeffyen said...

Dave, you can register it, no worries. Just follow the workflow that I wrote. The home address can be local, but the billing address should be US (but you won't really be using this billing address as you'll be using gift card.)

To use an actual local credit card to buy anything, you need to fill in your real sg billing address though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Is it okay if I could share your VPN address with you?

email add:


Angelina said...

Hi Jeff! So I've ordered the kindle, and the current status is "shipping soon". But I realized that the billing address is actually the one at comgateway. Is it important to change it? And if so, how? I've tried but to no avail. Thanks in advance.

jeffyen said...

Angelina, that's fine, provided you're not using your local credit card to buy the Kindle. If buying with a real local credit card, the billing address should be your local billing address. If you've bought it with gift card funds, then it's not an issue. Actually since it's 'shipping soon', it means the payment has cleared so there's nothing to worry about.

toingtoink said...

Hi Angelina,

Did you buy the kindle using your local credit card? If so, you might have a problem. I did the same thing as you - pressing next, next without checking the billing address of my credit card (which defaults to the comgateway address) and after confirmation of my order in my email, I received another email that my account is on hold unless I fax a copy of my credit card billing address. IT MUST BE FAX - no email attachment, so very the headache and all the while my account is locked and the product is cancelled. Hope you won't encounter this problem.

Angelina said...

Hi guys, thanks for the replies! Not to worry, being the kiasu singaporean I am, I emailed Amazon anyway, but I'd kinda fluffed the story a little cos I'm not sure if they'll suspend my account if they knew I'm ordering for myself in SG. Anyway the CS staff replied and changed my billing address with no problems at all. :)

Maybelline said...

Hi Jeff,

Firstly, thank you for your invaluable information. You made buying and using the Kindle Touch a breeze.

I am curious about the Amazon Prime service that allows users unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows as well as Kindle owners to borrow books for up to one a month for a price of USD$74 dollars per year. Have you tried and do you think it will compromise my account with Amazon since I am not physically staying in USA?

jeffyen said...

Maybelline, I guess it can work. However, it involves buying/loaning books on the Kindle itself. While some are OK with doing this, I'm not prepared to do this, hence my workflow...

melvintan. said...

hi jeff,

thank you for your advice on how to order a kindle in singapore. i just receive my kindle touch today. i would hope you can share your VPN account with me so i can start downloading books! my email address is

thank you so much!

amenda said...

hey jeff. i followed the steps in your blog to get myself a kindle. i also used borderlinx to get a 3rd party address. but i dont remember providing my actual singapore address. how will the kindle to delivered to me then?

jeffyen said...

amenda, log into borderlinx, and click 'my personal addresses' at 'my account links'.

Boon said...

Hi Jeff, do you know if Borderlinx has any promo coupons? I checked their facebook page but don't see any there.

On another note, my Kindle keyboard died so I ordered the Kindle Touch - thus the need for the Borderlinx coupon - any ideas where I can sell my Kindle keyboard cover? Thanks.

jeffyen said...

Boon, I don't have any BL codes. They are quite rare. Maybe Hardware Zone is a good place to advertise?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffyen.

If i were to buy a Kindle Touch Wifi, can the wifi be used in singapore for free web browsing? (i.e. not restricted to amazon site)

thanks in advance, cheers!

Anonymous said...

Also, to add on to my previous post. Is it neccessary to register with the vpn thingy if i have links to my own free ebook downloads?


jeffyen said...

Anon, yes, you can use it to surf any website if you've access to your home wifi etc. The kindle is not designed to be a surfing device, though.

The vpn is used when you're buying books from amazon. Free ebook downloads from elsewhere (say Project Gutenberg) don't need this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Tot of getting the kindle touch..but do I need to get the power adaptor bcos it's not included in the package? I do hv a kindle keyboard so can I use the current adaptor to charge mi kindle touch?

Btw,your blog has been very useful..thanks for taking the time n patience to ans all our enquiries..


jeffyen said...

Ling, there's no need to get a new adaptor. Just charge it with your computer/laptop, or your existing adaptor.

Frances said...

Hi there

just want to check: kindle package does not include power adapter, what do we use to charge battery? will Apple ipad do the job?


Anonymous said...


Thanks a million!! And apparently, samsung galaxy handphone charger oso work on kindle


jeffyen said...

Frances, I believe it doesn't come withe an adaptor if it's not stated. However, you can just use your computer to charge. The iPad can't be used to do this.

Bebelious said...

Hi Jeff,
Do you have any advise if amazon detected that I am not in the States?
- I accidentally logged into amazon while charging my kindle :(
After which, I couldn't download any more books fr amazon as it keeps prompting that I'm not in the States

Thanks in advance!

Zac said...

Hi Jeff, do you know anything about the Certified Refurbished Kindle Touch? It is avaialble on Amazon at $79. I wanted to purchase a Kindle Touch but it is unavailable right now and I happen to saw this. Would you recommend buying it?

jeffyen said...

Bebelious, you just need to follow the vpn steps that I mention. Many people can 'get away with it', but since you got the email, you need to go the vpn route to continue buying books; it's not a big deal...

Zac, personally I'd get non-refurbished one although there's really nothing wrong with the one you mentioned... You know, there's a reason why Amazon's top selling product gets sold out... maybe it's intentional... maybe... new kindle coming out very soon... lol

frances said...

Hi Jeff,

wouldlike to ask you a question: may I know how can we delete the dictionary permanently?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

A friend from US is buying for me a Kindle Touch as a GIFT. He already has 2 Kindles under his name.

If I follow yr instructions on how to use the kindle, do you anticipate any problems from the fact that it was purchased for me as a GIFT ? Im from KL

Thanks very much,

jeffyen said...

Frances, you can do this by deleting it from your Kindle, and also removing it from by selecting the book and removing it.

Anon, a gifted Kindle is no different from the usual one, so everything would be similar. The only difference is that the packaging doesn't include an invoice/receipt.

Anonymous said...

hi jeff. my kindle has just arrived.

now i have an issue. im still stduying in the UK and im only back in SG for the summer break (going back to UK in sept, coming back to SG only in June 2013).

how should i register my kindle? under US site or UK site?

can i register to both so that when im in SG or UK, there isnt any difference?

if i register to amazon UK when im in UK, i dont need alwaysvpn right since UK has amazon rights.

thanks in advance!

Reve said...

Hi Jeff

Is safe? How do you find using their service?

jeffyen said...

Anon, I think you can register it in the UK. Then you can just buy books in the UK without much trouble. When you're back in SG, then switch the country to US and use a vpn.

Reve, yes works well. There's not much risk as it works like a debit card.

reve said...

Thanks Jeff. you have been giving good advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff

Is it safe for me to buy ebooks from the kindle asia & pacific store using my local debit card?

Many thanks

jeffyen said...

Renee, you can try that; if you get discovered, you can then use a vpn. The US store has a much bigger collection of books though.

michelle tan said...

Hi Jeff,

I am a little confused, I would like to buy a Kindle Paperwhite but I am not sure how I can go about doing this. I have a US address via VPOST and a US credit card. Can I use VPOST to do this? What comes afterwards when I receive my Kindle? Do I need a VPN to download my ebooks if I used a US address on my amazon account? Or do I need to purchase extra gift cards while buying my Kindle? Appreciate yr help. Thank you!

jeffyen said...

michelle, just buy it from amazon, send it to your vpost address. Lately there have been fewer reports of people not being 'found out' so it may be safer nowadays to buy books without the vpn. I still like the idea of using gift cards...

After you get the Kindle, just follow the rest of my instructions. You may ignore the vpn part if you feel it's ok.

michelle tan said...

Thanks Jeff.

Just wondering, I am getting a kindle paperwhite for my mum as well - we both love reading. If I use the VPOST address, both of our kindles will have the same address. will tt be okay? thanks again!

jeffyen said...

Michelle, that's not a problem. The (postal) address is not really a 'field' that's associated with Kindles. The billing address is, however, but you don't need to worry about that much.

btw in your situation, if you don't mind, both Kindles should be registered under one amazon account later if you don't mind. Books bought can then be read on both Kindles.

deepfriedbrain said...

Jeff, your post has been really helpful. I'm about to pre-order my Kindle Paperwhite, and wondering whether there is any particular advantage of using Comgateway over vpost?

Can you also tell roughly what the dimensions of the package are including the leather case? From my past experience (when I was in the US), Amazon had a habit of using large cartons for even tiny items.


jeffyen said...


I like comgateway as they use DHL which gives a lot of tracking info. vpost does not so there's a lot of 'radio silence'

You don't need to worry about the Kindle's packaging. If you order the Kindle by itself, the actual product box will ship alone, there is no other shipping box that contains the product.

Anonymous said...

hi jeff

i've purchased bandwidth and downloaded alwaysvpn to my mac
however, it doesn't stay connected. connection goes on and off every 2 secs
do you know what i can do to stay connected? so that i can purchase kindle ebooks from amazon safely


jeffyen said...

renee, I have no problems with the Mac client. Maybe you can look at

Also nowadays, it seems that Amazon is checking the buyers much less frequently so it may be feasible to buy books without using a vpn.

nad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HappyTraveller said...

Thanks, Jeff. Followed your advice and steps closely. They worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff!

I am thinking of getting the kindle, but am confused as to why I should not buy kindle books directly through wifi on the kindle itself.

Hope you can help!



jeffyen said...

Alicia, it's because it's good to make it appear that you're situated in the US; the vpn does that for you.

Please read the Paperwhite entry instead...

Anonymous said...

Comgateway's site says, "We offer the lowest international rates in the industry", but I can't see any quotes or shipping calculator. I use for several years and just wanted to compare it vs the comgateway's prices...

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