Monday, October 9, 2006

Stop The Presses!

Today's activity is: Spot the differences! (Click for larger pictures.) Oops, I thought maybe they didn't like the layout and decided to shift the story elsewhere in the online version of today's TODAY newspaper. Turned out the story was removed altogether. Maybe the headline could give us some clues... Oh no, perhaps the story got pulled because it distorts the truth (just look at the weird paragraph before the byline, and after), among other things... (Cute illustration though!) Next Day Update(!): Correction. The existing article is available, not found in the .pdf file, but as text, here. So there are a few combinations. 1) The test tube article was pulled, but couldn't be done in time because it wasn't possible to stop the presses. Hence, the online .pdf version (which can be updated/amended quickly) has the Thailand story. 2) The Thailand story got pulled and the test tube story put in its place. If this were the case, why couldn't yesterday's .pdf file be updated? It's still showing the Thailand story today. Here's the fun part; both of these stories appear in the text archives. Here's the second fun part: someone has written a reply and it's published in today's paper version and the .pdf version. Text here. I think this is the first time I'm seeing something resembling a fork in newspaper articles! Update(!): There are more posts on test tube washing at And my social studies tutor Kenneth mentions this entry in his podcast, currently the only Singaporean podcast to be featured in the 'education' category at the iTunes store!

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