Saturday, October 16, 2004

Although I've created my blogger account for quite a while now with the initial purpose of getting a Gmail account, I've never really used it to actually blog stuff. So maybe I'll use it to talk about fluffy stuff. For example, I would like to report that I'm doing my essay now and there're only 1300 words to go. Assuming a speed of 100 words per hour, I'll be able to finish it by tomorrow morning. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

May I ask why you care so much got obtain the gmail acct? I heard that they track for certain words inside your email message for the advertisement purposes; hence, no privacy?

jeffyen said...

It's true that messages are 'tracked'. This is to enable the display of relevent ads at the side of the message.

However, this sort of thing happens with almost ALL (if not totally all) of the free email providers. For e.g., messages will be scanned to see if it's spammed. Privacy is not comprised in this manner. It is only compromised if this info is leaked to a 3rd party.