Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Zoo and mountain

I visited the zoo yesterday.  The zoo has three new white tigers since I last came here. And they are gorgeous! Here they are, taking their morning nap. This morning, I climbed Singapore's only mountain. At 164m, Bukit Timah ranks amongst the highest peaks in the world. According to the brochure, there are more plant species here than the combined number found in North America. If you're going there, I'd recommend the smaller trails, perhaps the yellow colour one found here. The route's well maintained and you may see snakes (which I did), and other more interesting things. At the Jungle Fall Hut, on the ground there are perhaps thousands (millions?) of ants moving in a very orderly manner among the branches; it's quite amazing. More pictures here.


JulAngel said...

white tigers... wow.. idont think i've seen them before.. i'd like to tho 0.0

and climbing mountains.. gees man.. u're so bloody active.. haha.. the most active thing i do is like walk fast.. hahah which i call "power walking" but its still not very powerful..haha

jeffyen said...

I haven't seen them before either until now; there're only a few of them left...

You may want to do 'more powerful walking', i.e., jogging hahaaa