Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Palm Tuesday

Haha, I've finished my XTremEz Tuning Fork. It's quite fascinating that the correspondence of the naming of various pitches is not absolute; it changes throughout history. Like nowadays, the A above middle C is at 440 Hz. But during the last century, it was something else! I caught Hitch today at a cinema that is showing new shows since there are half price tickets at Hoyts on Tuesdays; never knew that until Delise told me. So now on Tuesdays, I have plenty of places to go, all of them cinemas...


Anonymous said...

Yea.. can't believe u didnt knw abt the price change in movie tickets... surely I would of told u! oh well so now u knw.. and the other gd thing abt Tuesday is half price waffles at Gelare!!.. yum yum!

I just realised I havent came to ur blog for a while.. oops.. been busy like everyone else i guess!

Jul Jul

Ali said...

^Yeah Amy, I'm heaps busy now that I have a life! =P

Is it half price tickets? I thought it was adults at kids prices. And kids prices are like 9 bucks. So still not that much cheaper.

jeffyen said...

Alison, it's not adults at kids prices; it's half price for kids, adults, students... They even changed the display on the walls that indicate their prices for each segment of society, very impressive. So bring your uni card, and watch a new movie for $5.50!

Also, you can get $5.5 tickets every day at Piccadilly, just that they show 'older movies'. But sometimes older movies are good, like they're showing the brilliant Closer now starring Princess Amidala. And I watched Lost In Translation here 5 times, so that's nice. And remember to bring uni card with the Guild sticker to get the discount.

Amy, I don't know anything, so you need to tell me everything. OK, so tuesdays, I go to the movies and eat waffles. What else is there to do on Tuesdays?! Wahahaa