Friday, August 5, 2005

Uniquely Singapore Postcards: Can Win Prizes!

So here's the latest fun thing that was found in this morning's papers: spam your overseas friends with pre-paid postcards from the local tourist bureau, and you might win yourself Metro vouchers or possibly a free trip to Singapore for your friend! All the postcards will be quarantined by Singapore Post until after the draw, and following that, they will be sent to your friends. Moreover, you need to include your NRIC number on the postcard. To your uninitiated friends, they might just wonder, what's the deal with putting your Social Security number on a postcard? Can we start doing things for its own sake, and not to get the extra 'benefits'? haha I used to have this postcard exchange thingy going on in my personal homepage many years ago. If anyone wants a postcard from Singapore, just email me your snail mail address, and I'll send you one. And no, I won't be sending Uniquely Singapore Can Win Prize postcards (unless you insist in taking part in the lucky draw LOL)

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