Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eye Candy: Hercules C-130

10 years ago, I boarded a C-130 for Taiwan to work for a local defence contractor. The experience beats any trip on economy, business, or first class. These screenshots are from CaptainSim.


KnightofPentacles said...

The Herc is one of those aircraft that I find fascinating.

Did you read about that latest variant - the A/C-130X that allegedly has a tunable chemical laser that can generate a beam diameter of 4 inches up to 20 miles? Straight out of Star Wars.

My personal favourite must be the WC-130H. If you are going to be crazy enough to fly into a hurricane.. might as well take the biggest and most stable plane.

jeffyen said...

Wow that sounds out of this world! Anyway, if you use Google Earth, there's this guy who's trying to find all the C-130s throughout the world hehe...