Sunday, February 11, 2007

Obama For President!

Full text here. What a breath of fresh air this guy is! First noticed him at the 2004 Convention breaking the mould of what a politician should, and could, be. Hopefully he beats the lady on the left! America deserves better than the current Shrub... [Picture source] Update (!): A most bizarre thing is happening in international diplomacy and protocol. Obama isn't even US President, and Australian PM, Bush-ally John Howard is already treating him as if he were, scolding him for his Iraq War stand (as if he's the only Democrat or even Republican advocating troop withdrawal.) Excellent comeback from Obama!


Billy Tan said...

dunno, man. dont think the yanks are ready for a black president just yet.

fun obama fact: his middle name is hussein - which i think really hurts his standing with like 90% of the demographics.

jeffyen said...

hehehe... Mr Bush's middle names, 'shrub', 'miserable failure', 'chimpy' etc. never prevented him from getting 'elected' TWICE! :p

Anonymous said...

Calling all Americans in Singapore. Please join the Singapore Obama supporters page on the Obama 08 campaign website.