Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Evaluating Reliability

Source A: An online news report from Channel News Asia.

SINGAPORE : A police officer crashed his car into a pillar along a walkway at about 6pm on Monday. The incident happened in front of Block 274D at Jurong West Avenue 3.

A police spokesman told Channel NewsAsia the plain-clothes officer had lost control of his vehicle. It then mounted the kerb and hit the pillar.

No one was injured, but the car's bonnet was dented. The police are investigating the incident.

Source B: A photograph taken by passer-by Mohammad Mizan.

1(a) Study Source A. How far can you accept what this source says about the accident? Explain your answer.

P.S. Seriously, the unnecessary editing boggles my mind! :) Hat tip.


Gerald said...


1) Compare the STOMP picture vs the "file picture 'Accident' icon" accompanying the CNA article.

2) I think the article should be modified to read "No one was injured, but everything except the car's bonnet was dented"

Anonymous said...

eh you're da bomb la!

i'm sooo going to use this for my teaching reliability testing lesson. hurhur


chala said...

you're the best man! this is hilarious! and i really really am curious about the provenance!!!