Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network

The new 42km Eastern Coastal PCN for cyclists, runners, roller bladers and walkers just opened a few days ago, so this morning Jan and I went to check out the 'scenic coastal stretch' section of the PCN . The almost 8km of road that runs parallel to the airport runway is just fantastic! Too bad I didn't bring a camera. We started at the MacDonalds at East Coast Park, cycled to Changi Point Ferry Terminal, and back. The round-trip was 37.96km according to my GPS.

I think NParks is doing good things with this cycling path thing. I still dare not cycle on the roads, so more power to those bike path builders! (Click pictures below to enlarge.)

Data taken with a Garmin Foreunner 305. Conversion to Google Earth .gpx data done with TCX converter.

Source: Sunday Times, 16 December, 2007


Jan said...

I wanna try the 42km route! :)

jeffyen said...

OK, we shall go someday... ;p

Anonymous said...

hey jeff, may i know whether is the GPS big and bulky? if not how light is it? where is it available to buy and the price range of it? cna u let me know? thx!

jeffyen said...

The one I used when I wrote this, the Forerunner 305, is a little bulky. I've a newer Forerunner 405, you can see the review below. This model is not bulky at all.

market2garden said...

This comment serve as a follow-up to your entry.
The connector network officially opened by MM Lee few weekly ago.
And I did a video on Coastal Park Connector b4 the officially opening:
Just for sharing.
and for Cycle Singapore My Video Search:

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