Sunday, January 20, 2008

Factory Owners And Workers: Who Is Worth More?

"I'm not running for President because I read something in a book. I'm not running for President because some political consultant told me what I'm supposed to say. I'm running for President because of 54 years of my life, I have believed to my soul that the men and women who worked in that mill with my father were worth every bit as much as the man that owned that mill." ~John Edwards, 'Mill' ad
I've always liked the rhetoric found at the Singapore 21 website. It claims that 'every Singaporean matters.' The cynic would say, sure, every Singaporean matters, but some matter more than others. :) As I said in my last entry, we need more emphasis on this sort of thing, not less. And we can't just say it, we should act upon it, if possible... John Edwards nearly became US Vice President four years ago. He's trailing behind Obama and Clinton right now, but will be giving those two a run for their money. Go John!

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flux said...

The point is not that someone "matters" more than someone else (which is a meaningless concept).

The point is, some people will exploit the weak for their own personal gain (lawyers, politicians).

In business --- no factory owner -- or any business is forcing people to work under their roof. No one is forcing anyone to buy a company's products.

The heavy hand of government attracts those who wish to deploy a monopoly of force on the public in order to enact their own schemes over us -- only in the case of government, we are not given a choice to participate.

If you want to see true inquality -- look today and through history at the socialist countries. Look at Venuzeula. Look at Cuba. Look at North Korea and China and India....

The more government interferes, the easier it is for elites (like John Edwards) to consolidate power.