Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marina Barrage

Hello (: It's been a long while since this blog has been updated so I guess I'll take the initiative to do so. Jeffrey bought a new camera lens today and we decided to test it out! We decided to go to the recently opened Marina Barrage to take some photos since we heard that it's a pretty scenic place. The photos turned out pretty well and I think Jeffrey's happy with his new lens (: I particularly liked the combination of dark clouds and strong wind because it makes an interesting backdrop. Thankfully, we didn't get caught in the rain because we were only there for a short period of time.

Similar greens

Towards the Eye

Marina Bridge

The Dam

View from Marina Bridge (I love how the blue stands out)

On the Roof

Angled Perspective

Shots of the Main Water Fountain

Oh Jeffrey mentioned that my photography skills have improved a little cos I now know how to capture off-centre shots such as the ones below (:

Marina Barrage is a nice place for walking and relaxing =) I hope that we'll be able to take night shots at this place in future! :)


I hope you're okay with this kind of posts.


Anonymous said...

but of cos dear jan, i told u abt the photo opportunities at the barrage. glad ya guy brought u there.

get into the pic sometimes, n i'll link u.

Anonymous said...

Didn't had a way to tell you, so i gave you this comment. 4E1 had changed blog url. (:

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I think since completion of the Marina Barrage, there has been annual floodings in areas (e.g. Orchard Road shopping belt) which had been flood-free. There is a suspicion that the Barrage is slowing down the discharge rate of the storm water into the open sea.

jeffyen said...

Association doesn't necessarily entail causation.

Just because my watch and yours agree what time it is now, it doesn't mean that my watch is influencing yours.

Just because the Marina Barrage's completion has coincided with floods doesn't mean that it actually caused it, unless this can be shown.