Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas in a barn

I suddenly thought of a reason why the roof of the church is painted red! So that it looks like a barn?! (think: barn, manger, farm animals...) The choir singing was great! We were still rehearsing until the last minute, literally, with the congregation already seated, it was actually quite funny... (they apparently knew the practice of coming early on Christmas; the seats were filled probably half an hour before the service started). But once the real thing started, everything fell into place, and it was quite wonderful. Hopefully the rest of the folks enjoyed it too and had a blessed Christmas service... Some pictures here.


JulAngel said...

Red huh?? gd thinking man!!!
Cant believe u actually joined the choir
my pastor is always trying to make me sing..haha... but i sing crap man!!!
teach me when u come back...heheh
have a great New Year dude!
Cya soonies!

jeffyen said...

I didn't actually join the choir (particularly because Im not good enough yet), it's only for the Christmas service... Apparently, the red thing is not quite right, check my livejournal... :)