Monday, April 11, 2005

Tiger is out of the Woods!

The only spectator sport I think I'm clever enough to enjoy watching is television golf. I don't understand the details of cricket, nor Australian footy, nor American football. I am a little familiar with baseball, most of tennis and soccer and swimming. But golf, on TV, is something else. It's almost always magical, at least when the good ones are playing. Tiger has been in a drought for soooooo long, it's great to see him come back and win the Masters again. I didn't think I was watching golf, actually. It was more like a series of accidental miracles, like the crazy shot on the 16th. The ball stayed at the lip of the hole for three seconds before trickling in. But kudos to Chris DiMarco, never gave up, never surrendered. If you don't understand golf, but feel you're dying to find out more because you think anyone with a cute name like Tiger demands further exploration, here's an explanatory writeup I did many years ago...

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