Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm The Guy...

I'm the guy who writes this. I'm the guy who's mostly forgotten what's happened in childhood, apart from the time when the dog scratched his eye and almost made him blind. And the time when the wardrobe cabinet came down on his head, threatening the same. I'm the guy who's been caned for getting 80% in a school test, and henceforth vows never to do that to another human being, ever. I'm the guy who was made a Prefect in primary school, only to wonder to himself whether the badge he's wearing had a typo and that it's supposed to read Perfect. I'm the guy who had zero marks in a further math test, and who felt a sense of peace indescribable by any mathematical equation; this seditious streak has got him into trouble several times since. I'm the guy who got most of his breaks from good teachers. I'm the guy who decided he'd love the written word from a single encouraging comment the literature teacher wrote on an assignment. I'm the guy whose ideas about faith puts him in no man's land. I'm the guy whom you once loved. I'm the guy who wonders about why God has forgotten so many, only to be told that it's an irrelevant question. I'm the guy who wants to keep a duck at home. I'm the guy who sings hymns to himself when he's walking to the bus stop. I'm the guy who has a phobia for the wedding banquet because he reckons half the guests are unwilling, and the other half are strangers. I'm the guy who still drinks water from the tap in the toilet. I'm the guy who happened to chance upon Mt. Juneau, and decided to climb it, only to fall back a quarter way up because he didn't have enough water, enough time, enough sunlight, enough backup plans, enough GPS, and enough guts. I'm the guy who doesn't smoke, and yet would like to learn how. I'm the guy who dropped out of college after four years; and to his horror, realises that it had to be done. I'm the guy who speaks Chinese, thinks in English, counts in Chinese, prays in English, and pronounces the names of Japanese cars in Japanese. I'm the guy who wants to love you, yet knows that the only way to do so, is not to. I'm the guy who visits the zoo once a year. I'm the guy who's sobbing his heart out tackling this meme. I'm the guy who can tell you that the scent of the brochure in today's mailbox is the same as that found on the inside back cover of the children's magazine D'Light published 20 years ago. I'm the guy who dies a little when he can't blog about some things because he knows the authorities are reading. I'm the guy who makes it a point to watch all the movies about infidelity that's out there, for the divorce stats aren't really funny any more. I'm the guy who holds solitude to be sacred. As when solitude that's accompanied by a lovely woman. If this guy is me, and that guy is Mercer, who, then, are you?


lakeside girl said...

Woohoo. Jeff you finally did IT! I think this is like the most successful meme ever.

"I'm the guy who wants to love you, yet knows that the only way to do so, is not to."

*sniff* Very very nice. I'm almost itching to know the story behind this line.

THanks for sharing this - it confirms my suspicions. You are a SNAG. Confirm plus chop. ;)

jeffyen said...

Wah, someone needs to legislate a law to ban the snag label; it's the bane of the universe!! Arrghghgg! lol

I might like to tell you, yet know that the only way to do so, is not to. It's just a generic observation lah ;p

tinkertailor said...

nice one :)

Anonymous said...

hey, sorry, haven't visited your blog for quite some time. but i have been talking to you on msn! hehe.

i've seen this meme going around for quite some time, except it's the girl version. i haven't had time to do it though, nor do i particularly want to. hah. :P

-uh, THE girl! :P

Anonymous said...

btw, i feel silly calling myself by a pseudonym, so i'm just gonna use my real name.

anyway, i found u a little clip of utada singing in english. hehe. have fun!


jeffyen said...

lol I know who you are lah...YOUDAGIRL!