Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Musical RENT Playing In November: Still R(A)!

I read with joy that they they're bringing in the musical RENT for the second time this November.
"BROADWAY's smash hit musical Rent will play at Kallang Theatre again this November. Singapore will be one of the stops on its 10th anniversary tour. Most of the cast and crew of this Pulitzer Prize and Tony award-winning musical will come direct from New York, including its 1996 original creative team of director Michael Grief, choreographer Marlies Yearby, costumer designer Angela Wendt and lighting designer Blake Burba. The La Boheme-like show was penned by the late American composer Jonathan Larson, a protege of Broadway meister Stephen Sondheim. Sadly, Larson died of a brain aneurysm a day before the musical opened in New York in 1996. Its plot revolves around a group of artists struggling to pay their rent. Along the way, issues such as the plight of gays and Aids are explored with grace and good humour..." ST Life/Time To Pay The Rent
RENT first played in Singapore four years ago. One of the more interesting things that happened was that a few days before opening night, the National Arts Council stuck a R(A) sticker on the show. I wrote about this then, and the bad news is... it's still restricted to under-18s this time round! I don't mean to be seditious, but seriously, take away the sticker, please?

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