Monday, September 25, 2006

Gillette Fusion Power

How much money does a company need to spend in order to create the world's best selling 'shaving system'? Well, in 1998, Gillette spent US$680 million to come out with the Mach 3. I bought the slightly improved Mach 3 Turbo three years ago. In early 2006, they released the new Fusion, with 5+1 razor blades. This development was predicted in 2004 by The Onion (warning: course language). And they again spent many hundreds of millions of dollars on R&D. What you get is this! Now, one very excellent thing that came out of the huge R&D expense was the packaging. Dismantling the blister pack was a breeze. You just tear down the dotted places in the plastic. I cannot begin to describe the dangers of a lot of blister packs found nowadays that require the user to use scissors and brute force to tear the package apart. It is so ridiculous... You can click the picture below for a larger view. There're now five blades, and one additional one at the back to do sideburns. The orange gill-like thingies are now so tiny! The design and the feel of the shaver is just wonderful, the rubber and plastic manufacturing and molding were done really well. It feels light, and it's so comfortable to hold; I don't even feel like using it lest it gets dirty! In Singapore, the Fusion is currently available only at Mohammed Mustafa & Samsuddin Company (as far as I can tell). The Fusion costs S$18 and comes with two cartridges. The Fusion Power, which includes a vibrator, costs S$21 and comes with one cartridge and one battery. Click here for the Fusion website. There's a comely host embedded in the Flash animation.


Jul Jul said...

WAHAHAH shaving is the last thing I'll blog about~
so I guess the US$680 million is wasted now~ haha

Chin said...

Orange! My favourite colour!

lakeside girl said...


*points and grins*

Anonymous said...

Such a waste of materials. They think all men are jet pilots or astronauts