Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Call the cops...

It's not often that I want to throw up after reading a news article. I nearly puked on my keyboard just now reading what the next Attorney General of the US (top policeman of the country) said about the torture that went on in Iraq.
Alberto Gonzales has asserted to the Senate committee... that there's a legal rationale for harsh treatment of foreign prisoners by U.S. forces. In more than 200 pages of written responses...Gonzales told senators that laws and treaties prohibit torture by any U.S. agent without exception. But he said the Convention Against Torture treaty, as ratified by the Senate, doesn't prohibit the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading" tactics on non-U.S. citizens who are captured abroad, in Iraq or elsewhere.
The big issue is this. Who's really the good guy and who's the bad guy? Traditionally, in the best cop movies, it's often ambiguous. I'm afraid it's not very ambiguous in Gonzales' case. I think the guy should be thrown into jail... Source: Knight Ridder, DailyKos

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