Sunday, January 2, 2005


The folks who designed the Outdoor Theatre at the Esplanade had considered the framing considerations of photographers in the positioning of the mesh shelter thingy; it's quite clever. The bottom pic shows the Corrinne May free concert held tonight. Electrico also performed before her set; they are gorgeous! To those who wanted to hear a bit of the bootleg I recorded, the MD recorder that I used was quite unsuitable for the task at hand, as it turned out. The sound level was too high to get a good recording. Still, here's a sample of her new song from the album out next month, Safe In A Crazy World. New full length songs are now put up on her website.


JulAngel said...

Hm... i have no idea who she is..
that gd huh?
must check her outs later!

Anonymous said...

I was there too! Wish I had brought a camera along...... Corrinne's voice is lovely. =)

e-y. (just surfed on)

Anonymous said...

just happened to surf her site and saw your comments on her guestbook.

her new songs are not on her website what... you have anymore bootlegs to share?


jeffyen said...

3 new full length songs are indeed on her website. Your browser may be blocking the pop ups. Just disable the popping up of pop ups... Most importantly, remember to buy the album!!