Friday, December 2, 2005

For Chieifidler

I received the awful news from Angela yesterday morning that Chieifidler of had passed away from a rare blood disorder. The first time I met her was during the volunteers briefing at PS; she was one of the volunteer coordinators. The next two occasions were on the Blogcon itself, and then at Hideout a few days later. In that short time (plus reading her archived blog entries), I've known her to be one of those rare sensible, measured, 'the voice of reason' person. She was always so nice, both in emails and in real life. The last thing she did for me was to help take a picture of Hyperger and me, and as we left the Blogcon, she was so happy to be able to take home a Lexmark printer to do a review. Another thing I remembered was the time she did the 'experimenting with blogging styles' posts. One of the styles she did was an angst-filled 'why me?!' style, and the entry included a song that she wrote. I thought to myself, hmm there are quite interesting lyrics here. So I tried singing and playing the song on the piano for about an hour using the chord sequence she included. It was the most fun thing I've done in a long time. She was probably around my age, and even though we know life is fleeting, sometimes we just don't want to believe it. Thanks for the memories, Chieifidler. You will be missed... More at .

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