Monday, December 12, 2005

My First Voting Experience

And I voted for Xiaxue, since she is my hero. She has the sort of editorial integrity I wish I could match. (Sorry mrbrown, it's not that you're not my hero, it's just that you're not a woman.) It's funny how a lot of Singaporeans don't get to vote. My dad, who's lived in Singapore for more than 30 years, hasn't had the chance to vote in any election. Now, this is not the fault of anybody, since no one is technically prevented from running for office, provided you meet the criteria. It's just that none of the residents in my area want to run for office, for reasons known only to themselves! So I was very excited to take part this important election, to vote for someone to the high office of Best Asian Blog at The Weblog Awards. The interesting thing is the toing and froing between the two contenders Xiaxue and mrbrown. Xiaxue had a huge lead in the beginning, threatening a landslide. But she and her fans shouldn't have underestimated the political acumen of mrbrown, who crawled back yesterday to take the lead. I thought that was very remarkable achievement. And now Xiaxue is back in the lead, and she is urging her voters not to cheat. She has some political skills herself! And to see her actually beating America's most popular liberal political blog DailyKos in the initial stages just seems so surreal... Now, let's see if we have this much excitement in a real General Election. Someone in my area, please stand for election! Update (!): I just voted for DKos in the Best Blog category, and DailyKos has a huge lead there. However, it's still far behind XX and mrbrown. Oh my goodness, if the voting patterns continue, Xiaxue is going to be the best blogger in the world! How weird is that?! LOL


Yuhui said...

You can stand for election! Actually, I don't think you even need to live in the area. LKY lives at Oxley, but he represents Tanjong Pagar.

jeffyen said...

You want me to stand for election in Tanjong Pagar? Nice try... wahahaa! :p

Heavenly Sword said...

Go for it, Jeff, you can do it! :)