Friday, July 1, 2005

I Am A Tourist

So take, take me home Cos I don'’t remember... ~Phil Collins/Take Me Home
So I've just come back from Perth. There're some rumours floating around that foreigners are treated better than locals, so I'm going to test this idea by imagining I'm a tourist. Of course, all tourists pick up tourist brochures. So there's a new Visitors' Centre at the airport and it's beautifully decorated with lots of things for folks to pick up. I picked up this funny bit. Now what I'd like to know is: what on earth is the true Merlion? What do the fakes look like? LOL The Merlion scares me, especially with the green laser light coming out of its eyes. And the magical fountain laser show, is it still showing nowadays? Uniquely Embarrassingly Singapore. The NEWater brochure is pretty cool too. There're descriptions of the various water treatment processes including very useful analogies of the filter being the size of tennis balls, water molecules the size of ping pong balls, chemical contaminants the size of soccer balls, and viruses the size of trucks. But nowhere in the brochure does it say what the source of NEWater really is. Does anyone know? Maybe I'll visit the NEWater Visitor Centre to find out more...

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