Monday, July 18, 2005

NKF Peanuts Abhor A Vacuum

Why is it not a complete surprise to me that someone's wife has now stepped into the fray? Mrs Lee Hsien Loong (Prime Minister's wife) has just written a letter "Charity still saving lives and still needs support" and it takes up almost half the ST Forums page today.
On the issue of CEO pay, I believe that even charities ought to be managed professionally. How else can we extend high-quality and impactful services, including specialist educational and therapy support, to those in need? After all, we do not expect CEOs of publicly funded hospitals to be poorly paid, do we?... I would not begrudge Mr Durai proper and well-earned compensation and bonus. He probably earned less than what he would have earned if he had continued in his profession as a lawyer... Yes, some of the things that Mr Durai has allegedly done rather raise a questioning eyebrow or two. Some may have crossed the line of proper conduct in respect of conflicts of interest as well. If so, they should be corrected... Many drops an ocean make, and many hands will lighten the load. On my part, I will continue to donate to the NKF and other favourite charities."
Full article here. I think essentially, what Mrs Lee is arguing for is not much different from what Mrs Goh is talking about too. But now it's put in a much nicer way and is more convincing. My hats off to the behind the scenes people. Very well done...:) More from SingaporeAngle, HeavenlySword, SingaporeInk. PS. The idiom isn't exactly correct when applied to peanuts. Most peanuts like vacuum. That's how the peanut pack keeps it shape and its freshness. But when one cuts the packaging, all the peanuts fall to the bottom because air has gone inside... From TalkingCock


Beng said...

Hahaha... nice Peanuts comics, dude!

wandie said...

Dear Jeff, I have some spare tin foil I'd like to give to you.

jeffyen said...

yeah Beng, talkingcock is very good at this sorts of thing lol

wandie, spread the loveeeee! There's enough tin foil to go around for everyone! hahaa