Sunday, May 1, 2005

Tiger Direct Sues Apple OS X 'Tiger' Sues Tiger Balm Sues Tiger Airways Sues Tiger Woods Sues Zoo's Tigers Sues Tiger Beer Sues Tiger Direct

The circle of life continues. Tiger Direct sues Apple for coming up with the new OS called Tiger. To recoup possible losses, Apple in turn sues Tiger Balm... and it goes on and on... Other companies hit by lawsuites include Tiger Airways, Tiger Woods, the Singapore Zoo, and Tiger Beer. 谁怕谁?乌龟怕铁锤! Bring it on!


redrown said...

haha...i dont think can just sue like that la as they are not a similar class of items..

but would be fun to see that happening!

Huichieh said...


Anonymous said...

Tiger Direct is a direct online retailer of computers and electronics. It is not that that the company offers low quality products. The complaints I found on are more about the customer service, including the delivery services. Either you can not get your electronic appliance fixed if it is on a warranty or you do not get the product at all. None of these is cool.