Tuesday, May 3, 2005

What Would You Do If The Pictures In The Brochure Doesn't Appear To Match Your New Apartment?

In yesterday's Straits Times Forums section. The section's subheading is called This and That. I think it's euphemism for 'something or rather/near or far/more or less'
BEDROOMS SMALLER THAN IN BROCHURES THREE years ago, my family bought a condominium apartment. We made our selection based on the brochures provided. Recently, we got our keys, but found out the bedrooms are much smaller than what was shown in the brochures. Does this constitute misrepresentation by the developer? Xin Hui (Miss)
Dear Ms Hui, I believe you have been duped by the pictures in the brochure! Besides the pictures, there should be to-scale floor plans included in your brochure too. You can use a ruler to measure the floor area, and convert the measurements to real-life numbers. Then use a longer metallic ruler to measure your apartment. If there's really a discrepancy, raise the issue with the developer. But trust me on the pictures, they are photoshoped! PS. Paging for Artist's Impression Guy to the Courtesy Phone. You have much 'plaining to do, my friend!

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