Thursday, November 25, 2004

Funny Aussie traffic lights

Some road traffic lights on Perth streets turn from red to flashing yellow then to green; and cars are supposed to start moving when it starts flashing yellow. I never understood why there was a need for this. What's the problem with just going straight to green? What's the inside joke? I was reading today the road rules because I'm driving next week, and found out that these lights are called pelican lights! It's really funny because the flashing lights mean PROCEED WITH CAUTION. You may proceed, but only if there're no pedestrians crossing. This is the sort of thing I find exceedingly hilarious, although I have no idea exactly why. Pelicans are also my favourite birds; they are the most graceful when they use up the huge length of waterway for takeoff, and when they do their spirals in formation flying at high altitudes with their huge wingspans of I think more than 2 metres...


JulAngel said...

Hey Jeff,

em... ha.... I dont think the traffic lights go from red then yellow then green, they actually go from red then straight to green well most of them anyways, the ones just outside Alexander lib probably go from red then yellow then green. trust me I think i would know..hahah

um.. pelicans can be found down south sitting on light posts on freeway or at peguin island.. hehe

n btw we should always proceed with caution while driving, seriously when i drive ppl are jsut running across the road, they dont care abt whether u are gonna hit them or not, but obviously ur not going to hit them cos then u'll get into trouble. so yea drive with caution, ppl are committing suicide everyday now. gees. what is the world coming to. they definitely need more of us psych students ...haha

Ali said...

Those 'pelican' lights are usually on busy roads with lots of traffic lights, such as St Georges Tce, or Victoria Park.

Lots of people cross the roads, so the pelican lights are activated straight after the red "do not cross" man stops flashing.

I guess it's for those slow people who don't walk fast enough! Someone like me!

jeffyen said...
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