Saturday, November 6, 2004

A soldier's eloquent opinion on election results

4 more years America
If you voted for Bush, didn't vote, or voted no on gay marriage, I hope you get drafted. I hope they stick you in my unit, and you go with me to Iraq when my unit goes back in September. I will laugh when you see what soldiers in that country face on a daily basis. I hope you work with gay soldiers too. I did. One of them saved my life. Think he shouldn't have the right to get married? F*** you. He fought just as hard as I did and on most days, did his job better than me. Don't tell me gays don't have the same rights you do. Think the war in Iraq is a good thing? I'll donate my M-16 to you and you can go in my place.
From Drew.


JulAngel said...

Well i didn't vote at all, wish I could of, damn it!!! I might of made a difference..haha

But I agree "F*** you" if you think gays shouldn't be able to get married, Everyone should be able to get married even cats and dogs, that'll be real kool, i should go find my dog a bitch..haha.

Did everyone go to the gay n lesibian parade, i did..hehe.. it was gd ah!

jeffyen said...

You can always make a difference. You already have, to a certain extent, by posting that comment. It can change the world, make no mistake about it. :)

I don't think I'll enjoy going to a pride parade, it brings me sadness. Like I think... what if the situation were reversed... and heterosexuals were the outcasts, do I need to go on a parade too? oh never mind...;)

Anonymous said...

gay marriage?!

homosexuality is not right no matter how nice the people are. I like watching queer eye but that doesn't make what they do right.

and 'gay marriage' would be nothing but a mocking of holy marriage.

mardi gras is depressing to watch. where is the world going?


JulAngel said...

LOL... I would so go to ta heterosexual parade if there was one, being in a minority grp makes me feel special, doesn't it make you?

I was editting my friends essay abt the bible, it mentioned that the bible states that no one thats homosexual will enter God's kingdom, I'm not sure why that is? but I think I might have to disagree with God just this once. i think everyone who believes in God should be able to enter his kingdom, because "God love us" right?

very confused after reading that essay!

jeffyen said...

Sorry Dorcas; I'd respectfully disagree with that POV. But that's another topic for another day... study for exams first! :)

Jul: My my, you're disagreeing with God?! j/k You don't need to disagree with God, although you can certainly disagree with folks who live the faith or who do the Public Relations for the faith. Personally, I think you're pointing to the right direction, even if that is potentially not agreed upon by most people... but again, that's another long topic for another long day!

Anonymous said...


i agree with you TOTALLY that homosexuality is a NONO in spite of how nice the person may be.
God loves us but he is also a JUST God.
Homosexuals can come to Him "unclean" but if they're willing to come before Him and confess their sins.
Our loving Father will help to heal them completely and make them heterosexuals again through His amazing ways.

And Jeff,

I've to so TOTALLY disagree with you.
Before God gives us wisdom or any other gifts, He wants us to be obedient to Him FIRST.
By rejecting what the Bible says, you're just purely relying on your own human understanding to argue.
And I get scared when you tell people they're following the right direction using biblical terms like faith and etc.
You seems to selectively choose stuff you will like to believe.

my 2cents worth.


jeffyen said...

Thanks for the comments so far, and for taking the time to write. You're helping to keep me straight, and my arguments honest.

I'll continue researching the issues involved with a critical mind, it's the least I can do. Thanks again.