Sunday, November 28, 2004

Meet the neighbours

I was just coming out of my bath and seconds later, someone was banging on the door. So I opened it, half expecting an Optus guy introducing their latest deals. Turned out there's a woman outside and she said through the grill, "Can I borrow a towel and use your phone? I'm locked out of my apartment." So I thought...hmm... that's a line I haven't heard before. If I opened the grill, was my apartment going to be robbed by this person? But she was in her undies, and it didn't appear that she was lying. So I let her in and gave her a towel to cover herself. Apparently, she lived a few units down, and was cleaning the porch when the wind blew the door shut. None of the other neighbours seemed to be home. "What a way to meet the neightbours, isn't it?!" she said in a bubbly and cheerful-on-a-Sunday-afternoon manner. It was dead hilarious. Her boyfriend had another set of keys, but he was out because he had left his car keys in his car and was out settling it with the RAC. "See? We're meant for each other!" She tried to remember her boyfriend's number to call him up and tell him what happened, and finally got it after many calling many wrong numbers. "Sorry for ruining your Sunday..." I said no worries, this is actually a bloody good story! The tip for today: don't clean the porch when there's a strong wind blowing LOL


Anonymous said...

Mind-blowing isn't it? *LOL*

Sounds right out from a movie-script man. :P


Ali said...

Why would you be cleaning your front porch in your underwear?

JulAngel said...

I gotta tell ya
not to be mean or anything
I would not let her in the house, but I'll give her a towel and phone... jsut not in the house lady.

I hate strangers coming into my house, actually I hate ppl coming to my house full stop. hahah i hate it cos ppl are disturbing my peace, my house is my peaceful area that I go to when I need it. my family members dont disturb me at all. and in fact we jsut dont like to be disturbed at all by each other, even tho we're a fam, my friends think they're my house mates..hahah. weird family? yes!

jeffyen said...

>>Why would you be cleaning your front porch in your underwear?

Well, a reasonable explanation would be that she was cleaning in her apartment, but probably just went outside for a few seconds and that's when the wind blew the door shut. lol

jeffyen said...

hahaa amy, don't like to be disturbed by your own family members lol I agree with you, I never let the Optus guy into the apt since there's no need to. But this lady's in a real dilemma, and I wasn't able to see any feasible alternative solution, and she needed to use the phone. Her plan of action was rational and systematic. Plus, she wasn't disturbing my peace or anything and was very polite...:)

I think the worst feeling is when there is clearly a need for intervention but no one does it. Like very very occasionally at night, I can hear people maybe fighting (or worse) upstairs, and it's a bad feeling not to be able to do something about it since I'm not that good in kungfu. In very very few circumstances do people actually step out of their apts to see what's going on. I remember there was one time this woman was really in a traumatic state and a neighbour went to her and enquired how she was... this sort of thing rarely happens...

JulAngel said...

LOL.... serious my family is always disturbing my peace.. hahah... everyday they have to do it a few times jsut to piss me off i tell ya!

wEll on my street if someone's alarm went off, my dad would be the first to check it out!! see they 're just so nosy, n they like disturbing other ppl's PEACE too..hahah and other ppl will come out of their house as well and see wats going on.. then if nth ,, they'll silently go back into their houses..hahah

so yea the ppl in ur apt are just MEAN !!!