Thursday, November 11, 2004

A little fall of rain

Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius I don't feel any pain A little fall of rain Can hardly hurt me now You're here, that's all I need to know And you will keep me safe And you will keep me close And rain will make the flowers grow. ~Les Miserables
I passed by the cinema and decided to watch a movie just now called Wimbledon. Not too bad; I seldom watch movies that has Ms Dunst, but the reviews refer to her as 'intelligent', so I figured I needed to see what an intelligent actress actually entails. It was raining, and I decided to walk home and not take the bus. As I was telling a friend, nothing compares to walking in the rain in Perth. This is especially true at night, along deserted main roads, with the winds howling and sheets of rain falling so gently horizontally, vertically, and all over the place. That feeling, wet, but yet dry, cold, and yet sharp, and everything zooms into focus, like cleaning the lens of eyeglasses. I seem to remember reading somewhere that raining is like God crying. Well if that's true, it was a darn good cry tonight...


JulAngel said...

Man I love rain, and I think you might have read it from my blog that raining is like the SKY crying for me. thats why I love it when it rains, it saves me from crying.

I agree nothing compares to walking in the rain, even if you know that you might get a cold afterwards, its still a gd feeling and its something that we shouldnt take granted for because summer is coming, which means that there'll be less n less rain. :(

Ali said...

I think I must be going blind, because I only just saw the "comments" thing a few days ago. Too much study, eh? *yeah, right*

Anyway, I like the rain too. Maybe that's why I like winter so much more than summer. I like the heavy buckets of rain though, not the drizzle ones. And only if I'm not in it. ;P

jeffyen said...

no, psychic LP, you ain't blind; the comments thing probably wasn't showing at all before, I had to tweak the source code to make it appear hehe

jul: that's a very intriguing emotional arrangement you have with SKY lol