Friday, November 19, 2004

Somewhere down the road...

I was clearing my backlog of aviation entries yesterday; I'm currently in the Middle East, going to Europe next. As I was reseaching for the Jerusalem entry, it strikes me as deeply ironic and saddening that a region of rich religious traditions can be the site for some much death and hatred. The bizarre thing is that everyone has roots in the same place, often at the exact same geographical coordinates. So what went wrong? Why have we stopped talking to each other? It's the saddest thing in the world, really. Love your enemy. But who's my enemy? Someone whom I hate. But why would I want to love my enemy? I suddenly realise it might be because I'm not that good myself, and the other person isn't really an enemy in the grand scheme of things...
So much pain and no good reason why. Cried until the tears run dry. Nothing else can make you understand. The one thing that you held so dear. Is slipping from your hands. And you say..... Why, why, why, does it go this way. Why, why, why, and all I can say is. Somewhere down the road. There'll be answers to the questions. Somewhere down the road. Though we cannot see it now. Somewhere down the road. You will find mighty arms reaching for you. And they will have the answers. At the end of the road... ~Wayne Kirkpatrick/Amy Grant/Faith Hill

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JulAngel said...

Hey there,

wow Europe huh?? kool, make sure u take lots of pics!

last wk at church we were discussing this issue about loving ur enemy , i relaly think i should try that out, however i only have 1 enemy and havent seen her lately.. ah.. i'll just have to wait.

but anyways love the paragraph, just wat i'm going through at the moment, everyone is leaving me, so sad :(

but life goes on right?
hope u have fun in Europe, cya next year dude!